Today: Sunday, 14 August 2022
Full Test*
Not required
Number of questions
10 questions 25 questions
Allowed time
20 minutes 20 minutes
Time per question
2 minutes 1 minute
Passing score
More than 80%

2 wrong answers possible
4 wrong answers possible
Certificate of on-line testing* No certificate

Certificate is issued if the test is done successfully.

Certificate issue is to be paid for since February, 2, 2010.

Complete DEMO test Complete full test

* To pass the full test you need to register. Only in this case for a positive test result, you can get exactly evidence of GC "Priority" of successful completion of on-line testing.
The certificate will be printed with your name and email will be sent to your specified in the registration email address. If the registration data will be incomplete or not correct, we can not guarantee receipt of your certificate.
GC "Priority" will be responsible to check the correctness of the registration data.