Today: Friday, 28 January 2022

ISO 9001-2008

Добро пожаловать в систему онлайн-обучения и подтверждения компетентности SELFER!

Мы обучаем только по конкретным документам и источникам

В режимах демо-тестирования и обучения регистрация не нужна

Author - Center "Prioritet", A.V. Glazunov


Dear Sir!


You will undergo testing on ISO 9001:2008 “Quality management systems. Requirements”.

You will have 20 minutes for the whole test and not more than 1 minute for each question.

Test comprises 25 questions from 70 available variants. To pass the test you have to answer at least 21 questions out of 25 correctly (80% correct answers).

When you finish the testing you will see your score.


Each question has 4 (four) answer variants out of which you should choose only one that you think is correct. Then click the button “Save and continue”. You can change your answer before clicking this button, after it will be impossible.

If the allowed time (1 minute for each question) is short and have nor answered the question, the system will move to the next one. Absence of any answer will by consider incorrect answer.

If the allowed test time (20 minutes) is short, the system will finish testing and all not answered questions will considered incorrect.

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